65 x 20

Whale Watching on the Navegante

Captain: Mikey Jimenez, Jacob Moreno
Size: 65 x 20
Sleeps: 24
Welcome to RB Whales, your premier destination for whale watching and boat tours in the beautiful waters of the Pacific Northwest. Our 51-foot whale watching boat is the perfect vessel for your next adventure on the sea. Whether you are looking for a relaxing sunset cruise or an exciting whale watching excursion, we have got you covered.

Whale Watching:

Our whale watching tours are the highlight of our offerings. We are located in an area that is home to a variety of whale species, including the majestic humpback, orca, gray, and minke whales. Our experienced captains and crew know exactly where to find these magnificent creatures, and our 51-foot whale watching boat offers unparalleled views of these giants of the sea.

Party Cruises:

Looking to celebrate a special occasion? Our party cruises are the perfect way to have fun with friends and family while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Northwest. Whether you are looking to dance the night away or simply relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones, our boat is the perfect venue for your next celebration.

Sunset Cruises:

For those seeking a more romantic and intimate experience, our sunset cruises are the perfect choice. Take in the breathtaking beauty of the sunset over the water as you cruise along the coast, sipping on a glass of champagne or your favorite beverage.

Burials at Sea:

We also offer burials at sea for those who wish to honor their loved ones in a unique and meaningful way. Our boat provides a peaceful and serene setting for this type of ceremony, and our staff is dedicated to making the experience as special and personal as possible.